We celebrated the end of term with a Bangladeshi party!  Thank you very much indeed to Mr and Mrs Ahmed for putting on a wonderful feast of traditional Bengali food.  More pictures here.

Fe wnaethom ddathlu diwedd y tymor efo diwrnod Bangladeshi!  Diolch o galon i Mr a Mrs Ahmed am baratoi gwledd o fwyd traddodiadol.  Mwy o luniau yma.


O.R. said...

It was nice to taste Bangladeshi food, I REALLY LIKED IT!

L.R. said...

it was really fun
Mrs Ahmed had a lovely sari on

Anonymous said...

wow! Wish I was there! It looks great! I really miss primary school! Kingsland was such a great school! I remember all the good times we had there, oh well, i enjoy highschool aswel, and i'm doing really well, i'm in set 1 for maths (Which is the only thing we've been setted for yet) and I have 1 of the highest scores in 2 tests! Out of the whole year!! Thanks Kingsland for bringing out the best in me! CEH

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much habiba for introducing ours tradition.its good to see when my femilly member r doing sach job.may Allah bless you always.
yours mulla Sasa.