Awduron - Authors

Daeth yr awduron Steve Barlow a Steve Skidmore, sef "The 2Steves" i weld plant yr Adran Iau heddiw.  Cliciwch yma i weld gwefan y par.

The authors Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore, known as "The 2 Steves" visited the Juniors today. Click here to visit the pair's website.


K.E said...

i loved watching 2 steves!!

Anonymous said...

Out of all thier books, there are 7 of them I would love to buy!!!
Look its captain scoreboard!!!!
The 2 steves are really funny, and I would recommend all their books to young children between the ages of about 8-12 or so.... CEH

pinky said...

the 2 Steve's were really funny i enjoyed them