Cwmni'r Fran Wen

Daeth Cwmni'r Fran Wen i'r ysgol heddiw i berfformio eu sioe diweddaraf "C'laen" i Flwyddyn 5 a 6.

Cwmni'r Fran Wen visited the school today to perform their latest show "C'laen" to Years 5 and 6.


calipoxx said...

oh i loved the draa it was really good and it felt as if it was real the actors wherer fantastic thanks cwmni fr wnaen

LW said...

Cwmni'r Fran Wen were fantastic I enjoyed them. The actors are really good and you felt like it was really happening.

C M said...

I enjoyed Cwmni Fran Wen.It was exiting to see what was going to happen next. THANK YOU!!!! hope you come back again!!!!!!!!!