Ysgol Y Mor - Classe De Mer

Dyma luniau o ddosbarth Mr Pawson ar y Fenai heddiw yn ystod y sesiwn Ysgol Y Mor. Cliciwch yma i weld mwy o luniau, ac ewch yma i weld fideo y plant ar ein sianel Youtube. Plant - cofiwch adael sylw isod!

Mr Pawson's class took part in the first day of the Classe De Mer outdoor learning project today. Click here to see more images, and take a look at the videos filmed by the pupils on our Youtube channel here. Children - remember to leave a comment highlighting some of the things you learnt!

Quote of the day / Dyfyniad y diwrnod: "I FEEL SO ALIVE!!"


C M said...

i learnt that the menai bridge so tall because in the victorian times,they had big boats and they didnt want a bridge stopping them when they went through the menai straights.I also learnt about Lord Nelson and about Kuffin williams.I learnt about the fire on the brittania when it went on fire.And about three men who lost their lives rebuilding the bridge.

man.utd said...

I really, really enjoyed going to menai bridge. Iwould have to say best school trip yet.

calipoxx said...

wow that trip was fantasting i learnt loads of things but the thing i anjoyed most was the menai bridge i learnt why the bridge is so tall because in the victorian times boats which used to be really tall used to go under and they needed to get up and down the menai straits but their are no victorian boats know.and i know about three men who spent most of their time building menai suspension bridge and they died with a memorial stone on ynus tisilo and the dont have a grave cause nobody knows were they were burried

G.THOMAS said...

Ilearnt many things on the school trip, and these are some of them.
I learnt about Lord Nelson. He was in the Navy. He loost an arm when fighting fighting and he also lost his eye-sight. He was in the battle of trafalger
We went past the famous welsh artist's house kuffin williams. He died just over 4 years ago in 2006.
We also went past White Bait island also known as Fish trap island. The posts going round in a semi-circle in the water is for catching fish. Whem the tide goes out the fish (mostly salmon) get trapped in the rocks and the people that live in the house collect the fish and put it in the building that looks like a garage. The building is called a smokery. They would put them in front of the garage and then after a while they would be smoked.
The bridges (britania and menai) are so tall (100 metres in hight) because in the victorian time the boats had big sails or masses so they would not be able to go under neath the bridge. When you are in a car the speed is in miles per hour but on the water it is in knots.

calipoxx said...

hi i went to the classe de mer and it was brill i learn many things when i went on the school trip i learnt about the menai bridge i learnt that it is so tall because in the victorian times hyge boats used to go under the bridge . and about lord nelson who was fighting in a battle and i saw a very famous artis's house cyffin willams his house is very small i thought it would be big. and when i was on the school trip we went to ynys tisilo church island in english and i saw 3 mens momorial stone it was about three men who spent most of their time spening it to build menai suspension bridge and their momorial stone is on the island with no grave because nobody new where they were burried . i loved it on the classe de mer it was the best school trip yet.