Dinorwig - Dinorwic

Aeth Blwyddyn 6 i orsaf pwer Dinorwig heddiw. Ysgrifennwch am eich profiad isod am y siawns i dderbyn tystysgrif yn ein gwasanaeth gwobrwyo. Cofiwch egluro sut mae gorsaf pwer o'r fath yn gweithio! Bydd y goreuon yn cynnwys ffeithiau diddorol. Dim torri a gludo!

Year 6 visited Dinorwic Power Station today. Write about your experience in a comment to be in with a chance of receiving a certificate in our awards service. Remember to explain how a hydroelectric power station works. The best entries will contain plenty of facts. No copying and pasting!


Sam S said...

Hydroelectriciy is power generated from moving water:

We learnt that the water is held in the reservoir/dam and travels through the penstock and then turns the turbine which then the generator generates electricity.

Hydroelectricity does not pollute the air with gases.

Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source because water is almost ever-lasting

L W said...

Hydro electricity is electricity generated by water.

When we visited Dinorwic we saw how water travels into the dam via big pipes then through the penstock which turns the turbine then into the generator ready for use.

Some of the advantages:
It is not wasted, and is much more reliable.

Some of the disadvantages:
Some wildlife and plants can grow/live in the water and if they travel down the dam they would die in the turbines.

G.Thomas said...

Hodroelectricity is a type of electricity.
This is how u make hydroelectricity: It is made by the force of running water. The water gets held in a dam creating a resovior. The resovior goes through pipes to a dam. Then it pushes against blades of a turbine. The turbine is connected to a generator that makes electricity when it spins. Then you get a pump and pump it all back into the dam.
Hydroelectricity is renewable.
But it changes the type of water so it could kill fish/things that live in water or they could get trapped in the turbines. Another advantage is that it does not realise any sort of gases into the air.