Sôs Coch! – Ketchup!

Since the menus changed in September our wonderful kitchen staff have continued to provide tasty meals each day for our pupils. However, one thing has been off the menu - tomato sauce! The School Council has been debating whether it should reintroduced on "chip days" only... Watch the key points of their debate, and cast an online vote (on the right hand menu, scroll down!).

Ers i'r fwydlen newid ym Mis Medi, mae staff y gegin wedi parhau i ddarparu bwyd blasus i'n disgyblion bob diwrnod. Un peth sydd wedi bod ar goll - sôs coch! Gwyliwch fideo y Cyngor Ysgol isod, a rhowch help i ni benderfynnu os dylwn ei ailosod ar y fwydlen bob Dydd Gwener... Cofiwch bleidleisio (ar ochr dde'r sgrin, ac i lawr!)


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calipoxx said...

hi i liked that debat it was fun and in the end yes we had sauce coch but do you think we are allowed to bring salled cream back to the school aswell plaese cause i love salled cream hehe .